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Sonora has several activities to be done, different options from the sierra passing through the dessert until the Sea. There are several tours, for example the mission routes, to enjoy the towns which preserve their traditions, gaze at its beautiful forests, ecological reserves and the Sea of Cortes beaches. In addition you will find the Pinacate, a volcanic region full covered from volcanic craters where different animals inhabit, for example the big horn sheep.



Chihuahua shelters a historic legacy from indigenous and European roots; you will discover the different sides of its culture. Let you awe with the amazing "Barrancas del Cobre" (Copper mountains), travel by the "Chepe" and enjoy the adventure that offer this Natural wonder. You will also enjoy the great Basaseachi and Cusararé waterfalls. You can also get to Paquimé, one of the most important archeological zones in México, but not very renowned.



Coahuila shelters unique natural wonders in the world and a vast historic and cultural heritage. Here you will find a great amount of beautiful and interesting places to visit such as the dessert, the forest, the sinkholes and even a "Magical town". Let you awe with one of the most amazing beauties "Cuatro Cienegas", where you can practice snorkel or swim in the clear waters.


Nuevo León

Beyond the "Cerro de la Silla", Nuevo León offers different attractions. For example the Sierra Madre canyons where you can completely admire, feel and live in contact with the nature. Here you can practice hiking, caves, climbing and slither through the natural slides. Besides we find the "Villa de Santiago", a magical town, characterized for its picturesque landscape, the architectonic beauties, several corners, natural landscapes, all this attractions are a delight for the tourists. In this place we also find Mina, a district full of traditions, and places with great history where you will observe the paleontological and anthropological discoveries.




The perfect place to practice ecotourism, adventure activities and sustainable tourism. The biosphere reserve "El Cielo", is the most representative natural protected area, with regard the flora and fauna diversity as well as the Norwest ecosystems in Mexico. Furthermore, this is the only place in the world where we can appreciate the arrival of the Lora Turtle, an endangered species. "La Vega Escondida" is another natural protected area where 24 different species inhabit, between them we find the neotropical otter.




Durango is a state with a great amount of natural richness. Its mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and dessert places reward the adventurers which penetrate its vast territory looking for emotions and different experiences. The ecotourism and the extreme sport, fishing and hunting ranches are just great options of entertainment that Durango offers to the visitors.




One of the most beautiful cities in the country, worthy of being declared World Heritage site by UNESCO. Once, the most important mining center. Here we find the Edén , one of the most important mines where the tourist can take a tour by a little train through a tunnel from about 600 meters long. In the surroundings you can practice different activities. "Sierra de órganos", has been a movie set of international productions. Sierra de Cardos, in Jerez are two excellent options. As well as "La Quemada", one of the most important archeological zone in Zacatecas.


San Luis Potosí


From the Altiplano, San Luis offers different options from ecotourism, adventure, nature, until rural and cultural tourism. The historic center is worth to be visited at day or night in order to observe the domes and lightened towers. Real de Catorce, is a mining town and a very enigmatic place full from adventure and relaxation. The Waterfalls are a great visual show that you cannot loose.




Riviera Nayarit is a truly destination. We initiate in San Blas, a typical colonial town. Sayulita is the paradise for surfers, and Punta Mita is an exclusive beach. The beaches and the ecological preservation offer a great variety of attractions and activities to satisfy the most demanding customer. Noticeable the 7 golf camps worldwide renowned, the whale watching spectacle and swimming with the dolphins.




It is a colonial treasure and a mixture of traditions, culture and fun. The identity of the city is divided into four districts: Guadalupe, San Marcos, El Encino and the Estación, they all offer several museums, theaters, temples and squares worthy to be visited. If you wish to admire the nature or practice some adventure sports you can try in Sierra Escondida and Sierra del sol. San Marcos's fair is consider the most important in the country and it takes place from April to mid May. There are several activities such as: bullfights, cockfighting, betting, and many other artistic and cultural activities.




Guadalajara is the cradle of all that represents the Mexican culture such as handicrafts, Mariachi, and tequila. You can visit Zapopan, Tonalá, the pottery center of Jalisco and Tlaquepaque, where travelers can buy handicrafts. Tequila, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Furthermore Jalisco counts with two beautiful beaches: Puerto Vallarta and Careyes, a mixture between two worlds, the tradition and the vanguard mix to open a world full of magic colors, tastes, smells and legends.




Hidalgo is a state which offers culture, nature, gastronomy, relaxation and fun. In this state you will find three archeological zones, 30 monasteries from the XVI century and several museums. If you want to practice adventure and ecotourism, Hidalgo offers forests, caves, lagoons, rivers and gullies. Furthermore, Hidalgo shelters a natural protected area where mountains full of cactus can be observed, the riverbed Venados and the Metztitlán lagoon where thousands of migratory birds arrive.




Morelia, which is the main capital was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, it is a very rich city with regard culture and artistic traditions. It boasts precious colonial and vice regal architecture. It also has four magical towns. Pátzcuaro has two archeological zones, lagoons, forests and mountains where you can practice several activities like cultural and adventure tourism. It also offers incredible natural spectacles, the most important the Monarca butterfly hibernation and the arrival of the turtles.




This is the ideal place for those who love extreme sports and enjoy the ecotourism, due to its coral reefs with multicultural fishes, flowing rivers, waterfalls and jungles, it own simply an unlimited natural beauty. Zempoala and the Tajín are two very interesting archeological zones worthy to be visited. Furthermore the folklore and gastronomy in this state has no comparison.



guerreroGuerrero has 7 regions that are specially enjoyable for tourists with great attractions. Acapulco with its worldwide famous bays and night life, Ixtapa with very beautiful and relaxing beaches, Taxco is a magical town full of tradition and history. Costa Grande distinguishes from other due to its adventure activities with unspoiled beaches and beautiful lagoons, Tierra Caliente a place with magnificent natural landscapes and the mountain with its forests, waterfalls, rivers protected by its inhabitants who preserve very ancient traditions.




Morelos owns excellent weather during the whole year, it offers cultural, archeological, mystic and adventure attractions. In this place you can take a tour around the monasteries from XVI century, to visit the Xochicalco archeological zone, Tepoztlán a magic town where you will charge energy with the Tepozteco. But if you want to relax, in Cuernavaca and in Tepoztlan you will find several spas which will offer you unforgettable experiences from temazcal experiences until reiki, holistic massages, covers, and some other services. Tequesquitengo is another funny place where you can do several aquatic activities such as paragliding and microlight. .


Distrito Federal


The city of Mexico is a place that offers everything you could wish, Archeology, museums, events, churches, parks, monuments, art galleries and even very recognized shopping malls. This is a very rich city and due to its huge size it will be very difficult to get to know it in only one day. Between some of the important sites we find: the anthropology national museum, the cathedral, the national palace, the Templo Mayor in Teotihuacan, the Chapultepec castle the national history museum and Xochimilco.



tabascoThis state offers visitors very vast landscapes full of natural beauties. Here we find the most important wetland in Latin America. The Biosphere preserve "Pantanos de Centla", it features a great amount of wild life such as: storks, herons, crocodiles, manatees, turtles between many other species. It also counts with more than 500 floristic species. You will also find archeological vestiges from Olmec culture, waterfalls, jungles, caves, rivers where you can practice speleology, rappel and hiking.


Quintana Roo


To talk about Quintana-Roo is to talk about its beautiful beaches with crystalline waters and clear sands. The Riviera Maya, Cancún, Playa del Carmen gather year after year millions of tourists around the world, who consider it, a very relaxing place, where they also find nature and fun. The Natural preserve in Sian kaan with its 350 bird species, Tulum with its contrasts, a mixture between the archeological zone and the blue waters o f the Caribbean, the activities in Xcaret, the scuba diving in Cozumel, the snorkeling in Isla Mujeres, the quiet waters in Holbox and the colors of the water in Bacalar, this are some of the places that will let you astonished due to its distinctive beauty.